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Burg Wildenstein - Reality, myth, legend and imagination

Submitted by mag on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 15:53

Burg WildensteinToday was a highlight of our trip. The fortress castle of Burg Wildenstein is a world class adventure all its own. 

We can say "We took our bikes up to Burg Wildenstein" - and it's true - we did take our bikes 

(in a wimpy way -   securely lashed in the back of our cargo van). It's technically possible to ride up the half-mile vertical rise to the 11th century fortress perched on top of a pinnacle, but not our idea of the best way to spend the day.  Burg Wildenstein is a legendary 11th century fortress castle perched on top of a crag high above the Danube gorge. It has been converted to a hostel. You actually get to stay right in the ancient castle and almost the entire castle is open for exploration. The rooms are simple but the setting is breathtaking and with few people around it's like being lords of your own castle.