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Sommieres Market Day

Submitted by mag on Sat, 06/29/2019 - 01:50

Saturday was a few degrees cooler... only 109 not 112 like Friday.  The market was amazing - there's no really big square in Sommieres, just miles of narrow alleys, so the huge number of vendors who converged on the town were stretched out all along the rabbit warrens.  The biggest square is below street level and completely surrounded by buildings so it was like a frying pan.  We bought a few veggies, sunglasses and a rotis poulet - which with salad and veggies made a great lunch and dinner.  Pity the grill-man... I believe it was 140 or more in front of the grill.  Our vehicle was parked under a cover so we thought the wine would be OK, but it got so hot it popped the corks!  After dinner we intended to go out for desert crepes but didn't make it.  Tomorrow Camargue!