Welcome to Trails and Greenways


Welcome to Trails and Greenways.  This site is about the best long bike trails in North America and Europe - and the nearby parks, campground and towns .  We’ve been chasing bike trails for years now and would like to share the information we’ve collected. 

Soon we’ll be collecting information from readers and other contributors.

In some ways this site is about the pursuit of perfection:

  • The perfect bike trail where a person can ride for hours and miles along rushing streams and beneath tall trees, to interesting, beautiful and important destinations.
  • The perfect town where one can live, learn, work and play, where daily tasks are accomplished and connections made and improved in the open air and in harmony with nature.
  • The perfect lifestyle that’s full, satisfying and sustainable, and that enables us to contribute more than we consume and to leave the world a better place.

But for now it’s about bike trails, mostly rail trails and other long trails that are safe and satisfying to ride. 

Who we are

Authors and contributors to this site are good people who love to cycle. Cycling is a big part of our lives – it’s our recreation, our transportation, our family fun, and our fitness program.  We are not over the hill, but many of us are approaching the crest.  We intend to keep on pedaling for decades. This requires strong healthy bodies and a clean, healthy, bike-friendly environment.  We do what it takes to get and keep these things for ourselves, for our families and for future generations.  In the process we contribute to our communities and the world. What goes ‘round, comes ‘round – by helping each other we all succeed and live fuller lives.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote and enable cycling synergy.  We encourage and support cycling, cycling facilities such as trails, routes, greenways, and communities. We accomplish this in many ways including education and networking in online and physical communities people can work together to improve their own lives, their communities and the world.  

Why Cycle

Cycling is the perfect activity – it’s recreation, transportation, social and family activity, and fitness all in one. It keeps us fit and balanced, it enriches our lives by getting us out in our communities and natural areas, it’s low cost and easy for all ages, and it’s a non-impact activity we can enjoy long into our future.   And, looking beyond ourselves, cycling can be a catalyst for stronger communities and a greener world. 

Where is this picture?

If you are wondering where this photo was taken... it's my old stomping grounds - the Bison Range. It's in the Mission Valley near St Ignatius Montana.  Near here is a wonderful rail trail that runs from Polson, on the southern shore of beautiful Flathead Lake, down the Mission Valley almost to Ronan.  Like this photo it has spectacular views of the incomparable Mission Range.