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Together again

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Mag got up early and started working on her computer. Her connection while in Montana was spotty and she had a lot of catching up to do. There are still a lot of people to be notified so she was at it. I slept until 8:00. I am a little tired of the gray and would like to see a little more sun. I can deal with temperatures in the 60’s during the day and 45-50 in the night but I like seeing the sun more.

Do the Druups (aka work on Drupal)

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Today is Saturday and it is cold but clear. This morning I started adding the pictures to my blog posts and put the finishing touches on my attempt at writing a blog. At least that was my plan. The management of the pictures has turned out to be more difficult than I expected and take a lot more time. Part of this is due to trying to put the pictures in after the fact for the earlier days but part of it is just that Drupal doesn’t make it easy and part of it is that I take lots of pictures and need to select and crop and export and then import into Drupal.

Do nothing

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Rain and tornado warnings and lots and lots of wind.

I picked up the truck (their shuttle driver picked me up at the campground) and bought some groceries on the way home. I started reading a book and watched a movie that evening. What a day. It is tough being retired.

The trail south to a local pub

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Finally a focused bike ride. I decided to head south on the trail towards New Freedom. New Freedom is about 20 miles from here, which would make a 40 mile day, and is also the high point on the trail. A noble goal, but goals can easily be changed and so I changed this one when I got to Seven Valleys. That is only about half the distance but there is a recommend pub there and it is important that it be checked out so I stopped in for a beer and a lunch.


Mag flies and Jim rides

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I took Mag into BWI airport and stopped and bought groceries and miscellaneous other stuff on my way back. There was a shopping area right on Interstate 83 going north so I stopped and got most of the stuff on the list.

Once back and organized I got the bike out and headed into the town of York. First I had to get to the trail so I went parallel to it for about 100 yards through the woods and then carried my bike down a small 6 foot cliff. This was not going to acceptable in the future and it turns out that there is an easier path which I found on the trip home.


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