May 2012

York Heritage Rail Trail County Park

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The Heritage Rail Trail County Park winds for 21 miles through urban and rural landscapes between the city of York and the Maryland state line. It connects Maryland's Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail with the historic district of York, PA.

The trail starts in York behind a replication of the town's colonial courthouse. Heading south, the trail passes through an urban landscape along the banks of Codorus Creek. After a little more than 1 mile the trail leaves the city and enters the countryside, where the trail is flanked by fields and forests.

Palatka to Butler Lake Trail

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The Palatka to Butler Lake Trail – Keystone Heights to Grandin Section This is the only sector of the trail that is currently completed. We will continue to refer to it optimistically as the Palatka Trail, even though it is nowhere near Palatka as of November, 2010. The “Park Spur” shows as a spur on the map (google… link) however the town doesn’t seem to realize the two trails are related to one another or that one might like to get safely from one to the other. We pedaled across Highway 100 and several blocks north and south 4 times looking for a trail crossing sign. There is none.

Trail Length: 

10.00 miles