April 2011

Do nothing

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Rain and tornado warnings and lots and lots of wind.

I picked up the truck (their shuttle driver picked me up at the campground) and bought some groceries on the way home. I started reading a book and watched a movie that evening. What a day. It is tough being retired.

The trail south to a local pub

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Finally a focused bike ride. I decided to head south on the trail towards New Freedom. New Freedom is about 20 miles from here, which would make a 40 mile day, and is also the high point on the trail. A noble goal, but goals can easily be changed and so I changed this one when I got to Seven Valleys. That is only about half the distance but there is a recommend pub there and it is important that it be checked out so I stopped in for a beer and a lunch.


Mag flies and Jim rides

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I took Mag into BWI airport and stopped and bought groceries and miscellaneous other stuff on my way back. There was a shopping area right on Interstate 83 going north so I stopped and got most of the stuff on the list.

Once back and organized I got the bike out and headed into the town of York. First I had to get to the trail so I went parallel to it for about 100 yards through the woods and then carried my bike down a small 6 foot cliff. This was not going to acceptable in the future and it turns out that there is an easier path which I found on the trip home.