July 2015

Hard to Leave South Heaven

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It’s really hard to leave this beautiful spot in Michigan – just when the weather is getting perfect and the house is fixed up for outside enjoyment. Here are some photos of the beach near our house where I sometimes (not often enough) jog. And the town beach and lighthouse at sunset. Here are a couple of shots of our new deck – still some work to be done, but better.

Final Countdown

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We are into the final launch sequence and so far everything is moving on schedule. We finished up a lot of yard work yesterday, and got our preliminary packing and checkout done, and even had time to enjoy dinner on our new deck and a fire. Tomorrow we finish packing and getting the house ready, and then in the afternoon drive to Kalamazoo to pick up our rental car. We haven’t had time to do a real “shakedown cruise” like we did last year, but we did a trial load of bicycles with our touring panniers to make sure we had all the pieces we will need in Europe. So we think we are good to go and ready for liftoff on Sunday.