June 2015

2015 Shakedown Cruise

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We were really busy this year with yard and house improvements, so we didn’t really get a shakedown cruise in preparation for our Third Great European Adventure. The closest thing we got was a ride on the Beautiful Kal-Haven Trail into Kalamazoo back in May to celebrate our anniversary (48th) and my birthday.

Planning the 2015 Adventure - this year the Danube

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Every year we spend several months cycling in Europe in the late summer and fall. When we first began this series of grand adventures, we were inspired by a book by Mike Lyon "Cycling Along Europe's Rivers". Each year we base in Haarlem, near Amsterdam, and set out on a quest to explore the best of Europe's great rivers. The first year we did the Rhine all the way to the Bodensee in Switzerland and the Mosel. The next year it was France's beautiful Mayenne and Loire Rivers. This year we are planning the Danube.