August 2014

Beach Cruising - Zandvoort, NL

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Wednesday night jet lag kicked in, and I couldn't get to sleep until 4:30 am. Or maybe it was the Thai food? So it was a good thing we built some slack into the schedule. Thursday started out lazy, but then the weather got so gorgeous we couldn't resist the call of the beach. We needed more testing of the bikes and the nav gear anyhow. We saddled up and with Garmy (the Garmin GPS) and Goog 's (the phone with Google maps) help had no trouble getting to Bloemendaal aan zee and then down the beach to Zandvoort.

Haarlem to Zoetermeer

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We headed out from Haarlem on Saturday - a day earlier than planned. Everything just came together to make it better to leave. The bikes were ready and perfect so we did not need the extra time. And we were able to get together with Willy and Gert for a great dinner at Collette in Haarlem Grotemarkt on Friday night. Gert was just in from their place in Provence and had just got off the plane and came straight to dinner - serious jet-setters those two! Also the weather was looking favorable for 2 days, then pouring rain so we decided to get a jump on it.


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We wound up going through Rotterdam on our way to Dordrecht, but since it was Sunday we were more in danger from the "spandex crew" than from car traffic. We crossed on the ferry at Kinderdijk and got another good look at the massive pumping windmills that we had seen last year, and proceeded into Dordrecht, arriving just as it really started to pour. We loved Dordrecht and our charming, tiny house in the historic district. This was a real find through Airbnb.

Vlissingen (Flushing)

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We took the train from Dordrecht to Vlissingen, a small seaport and resort town on the North Sea. We stayed with a lovely lady named Monique who we found the Vrienden Op De Fiets (Friends on Bicycles). She is a charming and industrious woman who runs a B&B in a beautiful classic house surrounded by gardens and who raises bees on her balcony! The Vrienden you only pay 20 Euros per person including breakfast so it is a great bargain. We enjoyed exploring the town of Vlissingen and took the ferry the next morning across the Westerschelde on our way to Brugge.