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Welcome to Trails and Greenways.  This site is about the best long bike trails in North America and Europe - and the nearby parks, campground and towns .  We’ve been chasing bike trails for years now and would like to share the information we’ve collected. 


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In the morning we set off for Chinon and yet another amazing chateau - this one a real fighting castle and a medieval fortress where the knights of Templar were executed. A truly awesome castle and a lot of history and stories associated with it.

Chateau Breze and the Troglos

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We had several days to stay in the area until our friends Bob and Patty could catch up to us, so we explored the area south of Saumur. This area is fascinating and worth exploring both above and below the ground! The Breze Castle with is surrounded by the deepest dry moat in France and from the bottom of the moat, fanning out in all directions is an entire city complete with bakeries and wineries and animal shelters to support the castle. This is one of the most fascinating castles in the Loire valley, but because it is out of the way it is not as frequently visited or well known.


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Cycling the LoireWe had glorious weather and a very scenic introduction to the Loire a Velo (Loire bike route). This section of the Loire valley is composed of massive deposits of tufa stone... a soft, easily carved rock that is used for building and lends itself to huge burrows and caves.

Our Romantic Poet's Garret in Angers

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Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in an artist's or poet's garret in France? I did! From the time I was in High School I dreamed about my garret - it must have been that romantic English teacher's influence. Now I have a pretty good idea what it was like and I was not disappointed - it really IS romantic!

Finally in France - Lille to Rennes

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After a lot of research at home, it turned out the best way to get from Belgium to the Britanny/Loire region was to go from Lille on the one TGV a day that both allows bikes and does not require a station change in Paris. So we headed south from Ghent toward Lille with an overnight stop at an AirBNB room just south of Oudenaarde.

Vlissingen (Flushing)

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We took the train from Dordrecht to Vlissingen, a small seaport and resort town on the North Sea. We stayed with a lovely lady named Monique who we found the Vrienden Op De Fiets (Friends on Bicycles). She is a charming and industrious woman who runs a B&B in a beautiful classic house surrounded by gardens and who raises bees on her balcony! The Vrienden you only pay 20 Euros per person including breakfast so it is a great bargain. We enjoyed exploring the town of Vlissingen and took the ferry the next morning across the Westerschelde on our way to Brugge.


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We wound up going through Rotterdam on our way to Dordrecht, but since it was Sunday we were more in danger from the "spandex crew" than from car traffic. We crossed on the ferry at Kinderdijk and got another good look at the massive pumping windmills that we had seen last year, and proceeded into Dordrecht, arriving just as it really started to pour. We loved Dordrecht and our charming, tiny house in the historic district. This was a real find through Airbnb.


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